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Ruby ~ Manik

Ruby is a gemstone of the corundum family and is attractive because of its brilliance, if it is crystal clear and transparent. It is found in a variety of crimson and scarlet red colors ranging from pink to a deep ruddy violet color. It has the smooth and delicate luster of clarified butter. The finest quality ruby has a delicate rose color, similar to the eye of a living cuckoo..


Following are the general properties of Gemstone

Planet : Sun Cosmic Color : Red Sign : Leo Element : Fire Time : Sunrise Day : Sunday Metal : Yellow Gold

Signs of well-placed Gemstone Royalty, high position in administration Creative, vital, resistant, determined and decisive Successful activity, authority Cheerful outlook, good fortune, ambition to achieve great heights, brilliance, optimism, success in worldly affairs The gemstone helps to prevent the following diseases : Cerebral meningitis, eruption of the face, typhoid, polypus, epilepsy, bile complaints, sun-stroke, scorches, diseases of the head Heart diseases, eye inflammation, low or high blood pressure Hemorrhage, cardiac thrombosis, heated and bilious constitution

Pearl ~ Moti

Formation of a pearl inside a pearl oyster occurs because of the presence of foreign material inside the body of the oyster. To save itself from the undesired material the mollusk coats the object with layer after layer of nacre. It takes many years for a mollusk to produce a pearl of substantial size.

The process through which the pearls are formed inside the body of the mollusk is very delicate, and a little disturbance at any stage of development of a pearl can influence its shape and lustre. The finest pearl is that which has no foreign matter in its core. Pearls are obtained from eight sources, which are Sky Pearl, Cobra Pearl, Bamboo Pearl, Hog Pearl, Elephantine Pearl, Conch Pearl, Fish Pearl and Oyster Pearl.


Following are the general properties of Gemstone

    Planet	:	  Moon
    Cosmic Color:         Orange
    Sign	:	  Cancer
    Element	:	  Water
    Time	:	  Evening
    Day		:	  Monday
    Metal	:	  Silver

Signs of well-placed Gemstone

    Balanced emotional life
    Good memory
    The native will have good affluence, good fortune, recognition and fame
    Emotions under control

The gemstone helps to prevent the following diseases :

    Eye diseases, lunacy, paralysis, hysteria, epilepsy, cold, cough.
    Throat troubles, asthma, bronchitis, varicose loins, nervous debility, cancer, typhoid.
    Colic pains, worms, intestinal disorders, tumors, peritonitis.

Coral ~ Moonga

Coral is a calcareous, skeleton-like deposit of the coral polyp- a tiny invertebrate that dwells in quiet waters and is found at depths ranging from 20 to 1,000 feet. The color of coral depends on the depth at which it is found - below 160 feet its color is light. The best-colored corals are found between depths of 100 and 160 feet. It is found in many shades of red and pink. The color usually ranges from white to pink to vermilion red and deep scarlet. Corals of yellow ocher, cream, chocolate and black color are also available. A good coral that is related to the planet Mars and recommended by astrologers, gem therapists and jewelers is a deep red coral, which resembles well-ripened bimb fruit or an unripe cherry.


Following are the general properties of Gemstone

    Planet	:	Mars
    Cosmic Color:	Yellow
    Sign	:	Aries, Scorpio
    Element	:	Earth
    Time	:	Sunrise
    Day	:	Tuesday
    Metal	:	Yellow Gold and Copper

Signs of well-placed Gemstone

    Mechanical and technical jobs
    Rapid advancement and success
    Physical strength, forcefulness
    Courage, charisma, leadership
    Acquiring properties
    Great energy and motivation

The gemstone helps to prevent the following diseases :

    General diseases of the blood, muscular system, bone marrow
    Eruptions of the face and body
    Cuts, burns, bruises

Emerald ~ Panna

Emerald is a gemstone of green color belonging to the family of beryl gems. This gemstone is rare because it is very difficult to find a flawless emerald. Most emeralds are defective, having a feather - like crack and inclusions. To find an emerald that is of rich green color, perfectly transparent, with a velvety reflection and high specific gravity is difficult.


Following are the general properties of Gemstone

    Planet	:	Mercury
    Cosmic Color:	Green
    Sign	:	Gemini, Virgo
    Element	:	Earth
    Time	:	Sunrise
    Day	:	Wednesday

Yellow Sapphire ~ Pukhraj

A gem of the corundum family, yellow sapphire is a twin of ruby and blue sapphire. It is found in yellow, golden, and orange colors, as well as in a colorless variety known as white sapphire. The best gem is said to be of lemon-yellow color.


Following are the general properties of Gemstone

    Planet	:	Jupiter
    Cosmic Color:	Light Blue
    Sign	:	Sagittarius, Pisces
    Element	:	Ether
    Time	:	Sunset
    Day	:	Thursday
    Metal	:	Yellow Gold

Signs of well-placed Gemstone

    Wisdom, longevity
    Good children and grandchildren
    Wealth, name, fame, success and honor

The gemstone helps to prevent the following diseases :

    disorders of pancreas, tumors, skin troubles, cerebral congestion.
    catarrh, circulation of blood in the arteries and fat in the body.
    Liver complaints, jaundice, dropsy, flatulence, dyspepsia, abscess.

Diamond ~ Heera

Most attractive to the eyes, the diamond is famous for its play of colors. It emits a very delicate bluish, reddish, or a mixture of blue and red radiance of glittering lustre when exposed to light. The gem is luminous and dazzling, and emits sparks of light. A fine diamond is effulgent, radiant, and delightful. It is as soothing to the eyes as the Moon; it is lovely and magnificent and has the self-luminous quality of a clear crystal. It is brilliant and radiates rainbows of light all around. Ancient Hindu scriptures mention eight types of diamonds. They are Hanspati, Kamlapati, Vasanti, Vajraneel, Vanaspati, Sbyamvajra, Telia, and Sanloyi.


Following are the general properties of Gemstone

    Planet	:	Venus
    Cosmic Color:	White
    Sign	:	Taurus, Libra
    Element	:	Water
    Time	:	Sunrise
    Day	:	Friday

Blue Sapphire ~ Neelam

The blue sapphire is a gem of the corundum family. Sometimes white sapphires, rubies, and blue sapphires are found in the same mine, and that is why there is a mixture of colors in the crystals of these gems. Ruby is harder than white sapphire (known as pukhraj), and blue sapphire is harder than ruby and it is hardest of all.


Following are the general properties of Gemstone

Planet : Saturn Cosmic Color : Violet Sign : Capricorn Element : Air Time : Sunset Day : Saturday Signs of well-placed Gemstone Long life Govern leadership and perfection, highest human qualities Wisdom, integrity, discipline, spiritual achievement trough humility, patience, dedication and non-attachment. The gemstone helps to prevent the following diseases : Paralysis, asthma, rheumatisms, teeth problems, bones problems.

Hessonite ~ Gomed

A good-quality hessonite, the gemstone of Rahu, is one that reflects a nice honey color. Zircon has a considerable range of colors and is found in red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and brown shades. Blue and green hessonite or the white colorless variety of hessonite is not associated with Rahu. A pure and transparent hessonite having a delicate hue, brilliance, lustre, and uniform color neutralizes the evil effects of Rahu, and if Rahu is well posited it gives beneficial results during its major period and sub-periods, removes fear, creates clarity of mind, and helps spiritual growth.


Following are the general properties of Gemstone

    Planet	:	Rahu
    Cosmic Color:	Ultraviolet
    Sign	:	Aquarius
    Element	:	Ether
    Time	:	Sunset
    Day	:	Saturday

Signs of well-placed Gemstone

    Rahu is a spiritually inclined planet. When it is well-placed, the native usually has very strong spiritual tendencies, desire to do goodness to others and detachment to material goals. He is very influential and respected in society.
    Power, fame, political success, money

The gemstone helps to prevent the following diseases :

    Cancer, fears, phobias, undiagnosable illnesses, poisons.

Cat's Eye ~ Lehsunia

It is an aluminate of beryllium - a mixture of aluminum and beryllium - having traces of oxide of iron and chromium, which serve as coloring agents and give it brownish and greenish tinges. It has a chatoyant glowing from inside like the eye of a cat and having white fibers. The brighter the fiber, the higher is the quality of the gem. Cat's-eye has a silky streak of light that moves with the turning of the stone like a gleam in a straight line across the stone.


Following are the general properties of Gemstone

    Planet	:	Ketu
    Cosmic Color:	Beyond Visible Color Spectrum (Infra Red)
    Sign	:	Pisces
    Element	:	Water
    Time	:	After Sunset
    Day	:	Thursday

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