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Education Astrology

Education is the most essential aspect of one’s life. Every one desires a good education because it opens up unlimited pathways to a successful career. Astrology is a very effective tool in determining and pre planning a child's career and moulding his personality accordingly. But all are not lucky to get the preferred results in spite of having enthusiastic long hours of study and hard work.

The Education Report is prepared on the basis of birth details given by you after making an appropriate study of the natal chart. This report includes the study of planets and the concerned houses together with divisional charts. Astrological Education Report guides you for the best time which suites you to take those special entrance/scholarship exams so that you can fare well in them. This report will also identify the weak planets which affects your results or mental aptitude adversely. This Education Report will help you to beat the bad periods and propose suitable curative solutions to progress your educational environment and achieve the much awaited success.

  • Upto what extent i ll study?
  • M i good in studies?
  • What will be my carrier in studies?
  • Will I go abroad to study
  • What are the good periods of my study life span?

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